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Akashi Murakami

Akashi Murakami

Curriculum Vitae

From Japanese origin, born in 1971.

Lives and works in France.

Obtained her certificate at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, option object, ceramics workshop.
Was selected to participate in several ceramics exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and has art work being exposed in several museums. Won several prizes at different international competitions.


Akashi gets the most important inspiration for her ceramic art from nature with her organic, unexpected and unsure forms. She especially likes branches, tree trunks which already lived through the effect of water, wind, parasites etc… 

With her invention, she wants to continue the work that nature already did before. She makes plaster casts in order to get hold of a certain wooden shape in a long life cycle. Her sculptures therefore represent volumes witnessing nature’s work.



She pours clay (a.o. porcelain clay) in plaster casts and when removing the mould, she retrieves a new shape on which she continues to work. She loves the co-operation with the elements of nature.

Once her work is finished, she puts back the branch or tree trunk in their place of origin in order for nature to take possession again of the form, this time with small traces left by Akashi.

Works of the artist