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Blayne Knox

Blayne Knox

Curriculum Vitae

South-African, resides in Belgium since 1989.
Started with ceramics in 1993. Academy of fine Arts Eeklo.
Pupil of Mrs. Anne Mortier, well-known Belgian artist.
Specialized in decoration techniques (a.o. terra sigillata) – gives workshops to artists and ceramists.


His work seems to reflect his South African roots. His big source of inspiration is his search for methods to decorate and express art just like a painter would do on canvas.

Blayne’s inspiration comes from 2 different angles: in modern shapes and on the other hand the extremely primitive, the ethnical or wabi-sabi look.


For the last 5 years, he decorates with slips using a technique in which the decoration is within the clay area and not on top of it. The decoration is made in the beginning, and not at the end of the process, as is usually the norm.

Is very fond of making a piece being considered as the perfect decoration for a space/room people already have. Creates art for people’s pleasure.

Works of the artist