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Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1955.
Living and working in France.
Is exploring Terra Sigillata technique since 2005.
Gives workshops in Greece, Cyprus, India, South Korea.
Collective exhibitions in Taiwan, Asia, USA, South Korea, France and Belgium.


Dalloun’s bowls heal speed, quench a thirst for silence, provoke gentle sensory strolls.
His black and grey bowls evoke the light after a storm.
Oranges and reds speckled with the effects of smoke hint at a celestial landscape.
Creamy matt whites , almost ivory in colour, suggest an elephant’s tusk against the ochre of a parched African earth.


Contemporary ceramics has rediscovered the beauty and astonishing modernity of terra sigillata, a technique that is respectful of nature and the true heir to Greco-Roman ceramics.

Bowls are realised in white earthenware, thrown and de-centered.
The terra sigillata slips are made from unpurified clays found in different regions of France.
After slowly clarifying and decanting the finest particles of wild clays the slip is applied to raw pottery by multiple immersions, and is then polished with a soft cloth. Firing at between 950°  and 1070° vitrifies this tin layer to the depth of just a few microns, enveloping the bowl in a soft, impermeable skin whose smoothness invites a caress.

For lovers of colour, terra sigillata offers an infinity of hues, generated by the particles of iron which infuse the clay.

Works of the artist