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Daniela Schlagenhauf

Daniela Schlagenhauf

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1957, French-Swiss nationality.

After obtaining her Bachelor Degree in Switzerland, she took ceramics classes in the studios of Jean Linard, Claire Berger and Claude Champy in France and decided to stay there.

She built a wood kiln and set up her studio in the mountains of Cantal, in an old isolated barn, where she still lives and works today.
Daniela exhibits since 1983.

Since 2009, a new body of work has concentrated on the interaction between ceramics and the sign. She makes large abstract porcelain sculptures that defy the possibilities of the material.

In 2010, she started a cycle of installations under the theme "resonances", which has led to 8 installations so far.

Due to her highly creative realisations, she has been selected for exhibitions, colloquia and residencies all over the world since 2011.

Her works are in public collections of museums in China, Taiwan, UK, France, Germany.

Exhibits for the first time in Belgium at the Adrienne D gallery.


"I have always liked to read the eyes of the clouds and the eyes of the winds, 

So I opened doors and windows to the clouds and the winds to feel and make feel the autonomy of the elements and the forms before they materialize.  There is balance or rupture, folding and rolling, interlacing, settling...

It is to experience porcelain as a force put into action and the form as a reservoir of movements that become visible.

From the beginning, my work has been inseparable from writing, both methodologies involved in a search for meaning.

Thus the porcelain sheet is also my blank sheet; like the writer's blank sheet.
It is covered with signs, texts, imprints deposited in the earth, an ancestral process.

In the latest pieces under the title : Blown by the wind, the weft of my narrative has become a weft of fabric floating in the wind. Evoking my recent residence in China, the colourful pieces with geometric patterns are inspired by a silk jacket dating from the Qing Dynasty.

It is an invitation to share the moment just before the material becomes a support: a support for sewing to dress and adorn a body, or a support for writing to tell a story. A story that becomes universal, mine, yours.


She works with clay plates, using different kinds of porcelain, as well as paper porcelain.
The pieces are fired in a gas oven at a temperature of 1280°C.
The decorations are made with engobes or with porcelain coloured in the mass.


Works of the artist