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David Whitehead

David Whitehead

Curriculum Vitae

Was born in South Africa in 1959.

Following 5 years’ work as a topographer, he started in 1986  with ceramics in Cape Town.

Followed internships in the U.K., Scotland, Greece and South Africa with artists like Allan Bain, Mick Arnold, Lynda Whitty and Nico Liedenberg.
Has been living in France for 25 years.
Exhibitions in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa.


Works with a mix of black and white clay and builds up his ceramic sculptures with clay rolls. The leather-hard clay is painted on with engobes (kaolinite and barium carbonate) and his work is then baked for a long time in a wood oven at very high temperatures.

Becomes several unpredictable flame effects on his work depending on how his work was placed in the oven and on how the flames leave their traces.

Works of the artist