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Dominique Coenen

Dominique Coenen

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Belgium.
Studied at the Beaux-Arts de Châtelet and the Ateliers d'arts Appliqués in Louvain la Neuve.
Has her studio and lives in La Borne (France) and exhibits in France and Belgium.



"To bear witness to humanity...to the strength, the fragility of human beings.
Each event leaves a trace, an imprint that remains on the support like an engraving.
To share an intimacy with the earth, to let appear all these feelings, these feelings that inhabit me daily, joy, sadness, love, tenderness, curiosity, protection, oppression, loneliness...
My hands work with impulsiveness, everything is in the earth, everything is in me, the human being is an inexhaustible source of inspiration... "

The slender figures, with simplified but expressive silhouettes and faces, are united by their bodies made of the same material. 
As a couple or in a group, they cut out the inner space of the work and sketch the beginning of a story.



Dominique works in the mass and is building up her work with clay roles.
The firing is at very temperature either in an electric oven or in an anangama  wood oven.
The shaded colours are obtained by adding oxides or engobes.

Works of the artist