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Frédéric Capieaux

Frédéric Capieaux

Curriculum Vitae

Architect living in the Belgian Ardennes.

The interest for ceramics and sculptures, always in his head, became concrete after a potter training with Charles Stroobants.
Reworked, cut, sculpted his turned pieces in order to create completely new forms, integrated them into volumes of cement, steel, aluminium panels to arrive at bronze castings of these original pieces.
Remained at the beginning very centered on glazing.
Later on he discovered a passion for plaster casting and returned to earthenware that requires little or no glazing to stand out.

Polyvalent artist – autodidact - who likes to work with different materials, currently clay and glass.
Selected for the Biennale of Ceramic Art Andenne in 2021.

Exhibits for the first time in gallery Adrienne D. , his first exposition in an art gallery.  

Works of the artist