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Jacques Laroussinie

Jacques Laroussinie

Curriculum Vitae

Born in France in 1945.

Received his education at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bourges and continued his education with the artist couple Jean and Jacqueline Lerat.

Has been living and working in a self-built wooden house since 12 years and built several wood ovens for artists’ workshops.

Takes part in personal and collective exhibitions in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.


Finds his inspiration with architecture, pagodas, temples, rickety constructions, etc. which he encountered during his many travels.

Mrs. Jacqueline Lerat remains his spiritual mother.

His work is an ode to the emptiness, silence and slowness. However, the emptiness is surrounded by fractures, cracks, holes (wanted or unwanted), sometimes caused by fire, rifts and cracks, just like people in life have to deal with loss, sublime highs and mind blowing lows.


The ochre, orange and brown colours are typical for his sculptures. He uses Saint-Amand clay and paints his works with engobes mixed with kaolin and nepheline syenite.

He rolls his clay pastes in sand coming from the sea, rivers or deserts (Africa, North America, Thailand, Laos, …) recovered by himself or delivered by friends.

With this material he makes his ‘constructions’, shapes of minimalistic architecture.
The baking process in the wood oven at 1300° is the highlight resulting into the unforeseen, touching him again and again.

(Source  : Catalogue de la Galerie Prisme – Paris – 2019)

Works of the artist