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Karina Schneiders

Karina Schneiders

Curriculum Vitae

She is from Dutch origin, was born in 1958 and has been living in France since 1984.

Karina was trained in drawing, painting and ceramics (a.o. at the Free Academy of Den Haag and at the Rietveld Academy).

She opened 3 workshops/exhibition spaces for drawing, painting and ceramics (turning and building up) in France.


Karina is inspired by nature and by colour.
She walks along flood lines and collects stones and shells for decoration.
She is fascinated by the inexhaustible forms and by the colours ‘singing together’ harmoniously.



Karina loves coincidences such as the unpredictable and the surprises with Raku: matt and glossy effects, smooth and raw parts, cracks and blisters, metal looks, …. With Raku each piece is different and unique.

She also works with different kinds of clay and porcelain and uses an electrical oven to bake her work.

She prefers sober forms in order to mainly pay attention to the show of colours and images.

Works of the artist