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Luisa Maisel

Luisa Maisel

Curriculum Vitae

Luisa Maisel is an American artist, born in New York in '59 and living in Nice.

She trained in the UK, Boston and NY and was artistic director until 1993.
She also taught in Paris at the Parson school of Design.

Exhibits for the first time in Belgium at the gallery Adrienne D.


Luisa is inspired by sculpture and bases her work on current social themes. Her work is influenced by pop and surrealism.

The last 2 years influenced her very much compared to the previous 30 years.
In 2019 Luisa was invited for a residency in Jingdezhen China where she worked in a porcelain factory called Franz Collection.
There she worked with plaster casting moulds, various types of clay and glazes.

She experimented with different firing processes, temperatures and forms and was inspired by new themes and methods.


On her return from China, she started working on a series entitled Colorful Confinement: large sculptural 'vases' in porcelain clay, with colourings in the mass that deform strongly during firing at a high temperature (1260°).

We met Louisa in Paris in 2021. She immediately drew our attention with her flamboyant and colourful sculptures that radiate happiness! 

Works of the artist