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Nadia Pasquer

Nadia Pasquer

Curriculum Vitae

Nadia has the French nationality and was born in 1940.

She followed Plastic Arts and was a teacher drawing in Paris.

She started her own workshop in 1974 and installed a wood oven.

She has a lot of personal and collective exhibitions to her name and she participated in a lot of international art fairs in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Korea, the United States of America,…
Adrienne D. is the first gallery in Belgium she works with.


The geometric forms are objects travelling through the universe. They fall from heaven without any support, looking for an interface and balance on earth.

Her sources of inspiration are imaginary constellations with perfect lines and points applied to objects with a sensual feel. The ceramic forms are pyramids, four-levels, multi-levels, cubes, cylinders, spheres, conical and bi-conical.
The minimalistic ceramic creations are monochrome: black of the night, white of the moon, blue of the sky.


The forms are built up with white clay, modelled and then smoothly rubbed and closed. Afterwards the lines and pointed structures are being engraved into the piece, and the surface polished until a perfect glow is obtained.

The white clay creations are a result of covering the glowing surface with a porcelain engobe and baking it in an electrical oven up to 1000°.
The black colour is obtained by long heating the white polished clay forms in a closed pot with wood sawdust, thus allowing the black smoke to enter into the clay. No glazing is used to obtain the glowing effect on the ceramic work.

Works of the artist