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Sian van Driel

Sian van Driel

Curriculum Vitae

English ceramicist living in the UK.

Studied 3-dimensional design, taught and practised ceramic art, painting and charcoal drawing.

Has exhibited nationally and internationally for the past 38 years in the UK, Germany, Japan, Barcelona and Canada.

Was commissioned by Westminster Abbey to make replica inlaid Medieval floor tiles from St Faiths Chapel. She also was commissionned to design a 5 square meter floor labyrinth and inlaid tiels as part of a major restoration project in Boxgrove Priory in West Sussex (UK).

Exhibits for the first time in Belgium at the Adrienne D gallery.


Sian is inspired by the earth, the sea and rock formations.

Sians recent collection of hand formed wall pieces express restraint, quiet strength, self control, retention of energy and a sense of waiting.
She works intuitively exploring elements of chance and exploration with the qualities that the cklays in hand reveal.



To create her sculptural earth forms, Sian combines mixed coloured clay, black coarse clay, red architectural clay, China Bone porcelain clay and locally excavated clay and sand.

The colour variation of mixed clays, which is an integral part of the work, echoes rock, chalk and earth colours.

They express the natural elemental forces of the earth.

Her works are fired up to 1260 °C.

Works of the artist