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Benoît Pouplard

Benoît Pouplard

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1976 and of French origin.
University studies in environmental sciences, chemistry and ecology.
Also obtained a bachelor's degree in architecture in the UK.
Followed several training courses including mosaic worker and ceramist designer.
Was inspired by the architectural porcelain work of the Japanese artist Masamichi Yoshikawa working with a white glaze slightly tinged with blue or green.
Started his studio-lab in Gennes (FR) in 2009.
Does research and experiments with Celadon glazes and has 800 test plates with Celadon glazes fixed on the wall of his lab.
Participated in international exhibitions in France, Belgium, China.


Benoît Pouplard welcomes you to his country Celadonia.

Fascinated by the far north, he constantly asks himself questions about the Arctic Circle and its mysteries.

As a researcher, but also as a ceramist and sculptor, he captures the beauty of icebergs and glaciers in translucent white porcelain enriched with Celadon glaze to a bluish colour, an inheritance from Asian culture that goes back to the period between 10th and 13th centuries.

His creations are guided by the urge to capture the soul of glaciers, the soul of the North, an urge to show the change of a world undergoing the effects of climate change.  After all, glaciers are the places par excellence to show the speed of change.

His works are experiments, icebergs, translucent and bluish, in which large air bubbles are trapped. With Celadon glazes, thick in substance, silky, milky, translucent and approaching the colour of jade, he creates a completely separate signature.


Benoît creates cylindrical plaster moulds where he casts the porcelain by roto-moulding.
Each piece is the result of a casting by successive stratifications of prepared porcelain slip and glazes.
The pieces are fired at 1000°C in an electric kiln and immersed in several successive glaze baths.
The pieces are then fired at 1300°C in a gas kiln.
Then the pieces will change shape, open up, crack, expand and sometimes turn over. 


Works of the artist