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Brigitte Marionneau

Brigitte Marionneau

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1958 in France.
Student of Masamichi Noro in Paris and studied Raku with Camille Virot.
For 30 years she worked in the Central Region between Bourges and Borne.
Teacher at workshops and at the national Highschool of Fine Arts in Bourges.
Works for the past two years in her studio in Saint-Molf on the Guérande peninsula.

Has several solo exhibitions in France and Belgium and participates in group exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, France in the Netherlands.



My new series is called "Contenir le vent" (containing the wind).

The proposed forms are abstract, essential. Clean shapes but built as in architecture, in stages. 
An architecture that has its flexibility, its curves, its belly. In my work, there is always a relationship to the body.

The pieces are part of a series, with different volumes. You can see them lying or standing. They rest in light ways, anchored like pieces of soil, refering to human topography. Some sculptures reveal a bit of chaotic freedom on the end, like a shard of rock with a very raw part at its base.
But if my work reveals a monolith aspect, I do not go into the hardness of the earth, in the fusion, I remain in the tender.



Worked for several years with the red clay, polished, smoked and this related to various trips to Arizona and Africa.
Began since 2006 abandoning color, focus on white and black using a technique of carbonization with horsehair.
When Brigitte seals the last piece of clay and closes the form, she locks up the air contained.
The locked air pocket, under pressure, allows surfaces and lines to be stretched. 
Her hands exert pressure on the walls and determine the shape and volume.


Works of the artist