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Chloé Peytermann

Chloé Peytermann

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1982, French-Swiss nationality

She first wanted to devote her life to the dramatic arts and obtained her Bachelor's degree in literature in 2000.
After a course in pottery, she decided to follow the path of ceramics and in 2006 obtained a diploma in ceramic design in Geneva.

Lives and works in Dieulefit (FR) and has been selected to participate in several exhibitions in Europe (FR,CH,D,UK) since 2010.

Exhibits for the first time in Belgium at the Adrienne D. gallery.


Chloé Peytermann's work evokes lava flows, craters, landscapes that emerge from the inner bubbling of the earth.

Each work is the result of an adventure through which Chloé discovers the power of the piece, this potential hidden at the beginning, a mystery of textures and colours that is revealed as the sanding process progresses. Terrestrial, lunar or cosmic landscapes, colours that emerge one under the other. Some pieces evoke the melting of the Antarctic ice, or the still burning lava of the Andes volcanoes. Textures such as golden lichen on greyish rocky crusts or white moss in the Pacific...

Somewhere, Chloé's ceramic work reveals her own inner self, bubbling with energy. Her pieces are each small worlds, dreamlike or cosmic, which each time increase the potential of the ceramic material tenfold. Based on her textural research, the artist creates various collections that follow and inspire each other, in a permanent coming and going of new experiences: China, the Marquesas Islands, Pompeii, those places that the artist dreams about... and from which emerge the "bubbled bowls", the "atolls", urban landscapes composed of microarchitectures, chests, baths... and these astonishing landscapes on feet.  She also applies this texture to her bowls. 

Through her work, Chloé Peytermann invites us to travel, to discover a new dimension of infinite landscapes.

(Caroline Alder, mesologist artist).


Chloé's pieces, overflowing with textures, first attract our touch.

Then, as we gaze, landscapes, cartographies, successive layers emerge, as if time had passed over each piece. We discover a first layer, then others.
It was by accident that the artist discovered this technique, which has been with him for some time.
During a firing, the temperature was too high and small bubbles appeared on the surface of the material.
A line of blisters appeared. With an inquisitive mind, Chloé bursts and sands these bubbles, revealing a whole network.
Underneath the bubbled volume, an underlayer, the appearance of a depth, cracks, a forgotten colour.
She was faced with this new experience: how to reproduce this defect?  
She therefore developed her own technique: successive application of glazes, engobes, firing, bursting of the bubbles, and finally sanding.
She applies the same technique to her bowls.

Works of the artist