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Corinne Guého

Corinne Guého

Curriculum Vitae

Corinne was born in 1962 in Saint-Nazaire, close to the Atlantic Ocean.
She started her artistic career with painting, but in 2005 she resumed her studies at the faculty and obtained a master degree in visual arts.
She discovered modelling in the 2000s; Practising raku would become crucial.
She lived in Paris for 25 years where she still gives workshops. Afterwards she lived in the neighbourhood of La Borne from 2012 until 2018, a small village with internationally renowned ceramists. Her workshop has been in Saint-Molf since 2018, close to the salt marshes of Guérande in the Loire-Atlantique. 

She has had expositions in different galleries in France and participated several times in the Saint-Sulpice ceramics market in Paris.
Website: www.corinne-gueho.com



Hands control the gesture and try to say something.
With filigree, the atmosphere of harbours, sea coasts, the sky and simple shapes, often inspired by tools.
She works on volumes and lines and tries to come close to the shape, keeping some distance at the same time in order to create something new.

It’s a choreography standing on its own, it’s feeling, observing, being in the presence of what happens.
Her volumes serve as an anchor and tool in the creation process of a personal language.
The unique and the multiple, the same and the other, balance and borders being crossed…
Each piece finds its personality, becomes embodied and poetic.


At low temperatures, her sculptures are a search for simple shapes to model, often inspired by tools.
Pit fire: her work of art is painted with white clay, afterwards biscuit baked at 980° and subsequently wrapped in newspaper, with gypsums, carbonates, bags of salt, algae, copper or iron thread, or parts she hides with fresh clay…
She bakes them either at 900°C in a gas oven resulting into lighter tones, or she places them in sawdust in order to bake them in a wood oven. This results into darker colours with edges and brighter passages with a colour range of copper different depending on oxidation or reduction.
Naked raku: following a biscuit bake at 980°, she smokes her pieces and applies a stroke of refractory clay covering it afterwards with glaze. The pieces are baked in a gas oven at 900°, taken out, smoked and sprinkled with water in order to have the glaze spring off. Afterwards the pieces are cleaned to restore their origina

Corinne often makes unique utensils in stoneware and porcelain at high temperatures which are baked in an electrical oven.


Works of the artist