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François Maréchal

François Maréchal

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1945, works and lives in La Borne (France).
Despite his technical training, he only dreams of doing fine arts. 
Takes classes in the section directed by the famous ceramist Jacqueline Lerat. Graduates from the Bourges School of Fine Arts and takes up the post of professor of applied art drawing.

Participates in solo and group exhibitions in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain.
His works are highly sought after by collectors who commission them before they leave the kiln.

Exhibits for the first time in Belgium at Adrienne D.  


Inspiration is often drawn from birds and boats.
Seeks to shape straight lines, verticals, shaping a black ebony coloured clay into sculptures.
The pieces are shaped by an assembly of plates which suits the artist's choice to privilege a front and a back.
The "bifaces" are very present in all the creation of François Maréchal who realizes several pieces from a single drawing.


The open sculptures are made of black clay or local stoneware firing from grey or beige to brown, passing through all the nuances inscribed by the flames and ashes of the wood, by the reductions and oxidation of the firing in a wood kiln. 
He mixes his engobes with sand or gravel.
He also applies the technique of smoke firing by masking certain areas to preserve the white colour of the slip.

Works of the artist