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Horacio Venturin

Horacio Venturin

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1957 in Brazil.
Since 1990 I live and work in Amsterdam / The Netherlands.

At the age of 14 years I started working as a self-taught graphic designer in the south of Brazil.
After a few years I moved to the cities of Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to continue my work as a graphic designer and evolved to art director in several advertising agencies.
Besides this work, I was actively involved in drawing and painting.
This brought me to the Netherlands and Belgium for exhibitions.

In 1990 I decided to leave Brazil and the world of advertising.
I settled in Amsterdam where I started working as an independent designer/ carpenter.
By coming into contact with materials such as plaster, concrete, wood, metal, loam and clay, an old wish and deep desire grew to make sculptures.
In 2018 my work led to an interview in the online Magazine "de Kleine K". 
In 2019 my work was selected for the Westerwald Prize & publication book.
In 2020 my work was published in the book "de grote K".
In 2021 I was selected to participate in an exhibition in Museum De Tiendschuur in Tegelen.

Exhibits for the 1st time in Belgium at gallery Adrienne D


Making a sculpture always starts with an imaginary circle. 
It is primarily an interaction between the material and myself.
In essence, of course, it encompasses much more than that.
It is the life that lies behind me, and the life I am living now.
These life experiences create a movement, from which a silence emerges as the work progresses, and which manifests itself into a sculpture.


I build up my work by means of clay rolls.
After the biscuit firing, I polish the work and it goes into the kiln for a second time.
I use glazes, pigments, sand and sometimes two-component paint to finish the skin of my sculpture.