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Isabelle René

Isabelle René

Curriculum Vitae

Born in France (Laboule) in 1971.

Obtained doctorate in Educational Sciences.

Qualified ceramist since 2005.

Participates in expositions and exhibitions in France and Corsica.

Has her own workshops and exhibition spaces in the Drôme, the Ardèche and Dieulefit.
Teacher and intern supervisor at the Maison de la Céramique in Dieulefit.


“I love porcelain because of its delicate character and its great firmness. I love cobalt blue, the colour of water and air. I love reduction resulting into foam waves and snow. I love nature and transparency making me dream and carrying me along to new destinations and encounters”.


Isabelle builds up her work with porcelain clay roles and pastes.
Once harded, she makes notches and applies cobalt toxide and water with a calligraphy brush.
She bakes her work slowly in a gas oven up to 1320° during 12 hours.
The clay becomes hard, porous, shrinks and deforms.
The heat causes torsions and dance movements.
The black colour turns into blue.
Then she lets the oven cool down and only opens the doors after 2 days.

Works of the artist