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Jean-François Thiérion

Jean-François Thiérion

Curriculum Vitae

Originating from France, has been living in Denmark for 20 years.

Obtained his diploma ceramics in France.

Has been selected for participating in more than 30 exhibitions in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom and the U.S.A.

Teached in New York and Chicago and gives several workshops. Had publications in many art magazines and catalogues.

Received twice the “Pot D’Or” Keramisto prize (the Netherlands) for which he was chosen the best ceramist by his colleagues.



A fresh shape that catches the eye, the chimney pipe of an old boiler that is rusting in a field and has a sculptural appearance, a pile of dried earth slices ....  are sources of inspiration.


He is known as a ceramist who manages to perfectly turn vases with very large dimensions and to decorate them in an abstract and colourful way.  Other works are made with clay plates in silicone moulds. He is a ceramist who can orchestrate shapes and coloured engobes in perfect harmony.

As far as decoration is concerned, he favours impulse behaviour and relies on notions of rhythm, chronology and graphism. He relies on the engobes and their infinite possibilities (consistency, shade, composition) to give expression to this sacred ceramic flesh, sprinkling it with the bucket, stigmatising the surfaces, adding stripes and coloured frescos.

Works of the artist