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Jinhwi Lee

Jinhwi Lee

Curriculum Vitae

Born in South Korea and living and wortking in Germany.

He studied Ceramics in South Korea and in Germany and obtained in 2021 a Master degree in Fine arts and ceramics at the Muthesius University in Germany, where he is actually Head of Worshop for Ceramics.

He was selected to atteign residencies & scholarships in Germany and Holland and has been awarded several times in Ceramic biennales in South Korea, Germany and Espaign.

Jinhwi Lee has been invited to participate to more than 25 group exhibitions during the last 5 years and and was also selected as the artist with solo exhibitions in Germany and South Korea.

Work of Jinhwi Lee is part of Collections in Germany, South Korea and Japan.


" My work is inspired by the light and colors of nature, as well as unexpected situations that happens in my studio.

I like to plan beforehand once I have a project in mind, but one can discover new things by accident during
execution. For this reason, I am not only motivated to realize my ideas, but I am also eager to observe what will happen
in the surroundings of the process, being open to unexpected sources of inspiration.

I also want to show my work that responds to a place where I live, work and ways in which I create and express my place in the world.

So my works draw their inspiration from the light and colours of nature and that is why I focus on the colour combinations of glazes."


"I developed my own expressive glazing technique through unexpected things happening in the studio.
In the beginning I used to spray glaze on the surface of the object.
At some point I noticed that the glaze falling on the plasterboard and harden, as I watched it, I decided to use this.
I started to no longer use liquid, but dry or bisquefired glazes that resulted in my own, unique surface effect.
I pour the glaze on a plaster plate or in a polystyrol tray and let it dry.
When the glaze is dry, I take them off. After that, I put the glaze pieces of various colors on biscuit fired objects and fire them again at 1280˚C. These pieces then melt in the kiln and the surface becomes very smooth.

My wall objects were constructed using the slab technique."

Works of the artist