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Brigitte Long

Brigitte Long

Curriculum Vitae

Ceramist living in France.

Had her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Quimper and Grenoble.

Was a teacher in ceramics and sculpture.
Opened her work shop in 1988.

Artistic stays in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Japan.
Collaboration with the calligraphic artist Denise Lach.
Exhibits in galleries in France, Germany and Australia.
Has her first exhibition in Belgium with Adrienne D.


Brigitte Long’s work shows sensitiveness for the fragility of nature and human being, but even so for their inscrutable strength which she exposes in silent mineral pottery.

By means of her work, she wants to show vibrations filling space and the effect of time by breaking down and building up material.


She starts from clay mass and clay plates which she models, builds, indents. 

After painting her work with engobes, she glazes them. The following step in the process is the raku baking or smoke firing.


Works of the artist