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Petra Bittl

Petra Bittl

Curriculum Vitae

Petra is a German painter-ceramist and lives in Bonn where she has had her studio for almost 20 years.
After secondary studies, she went for her childhood dream, took several ceramics courses and obtained a Master's degree in sculpture.
She teaches surface design and is currently majoring in 3D technology with ceramics.

She received numerous awards (including Westerwald (DE) , Le Pot d'OR (Nl), the highest prize at the international ceramics biennale Manises (ES)) and exhibits worldwide.


Petra combines drawing and painting with ceramics.
She uses different materials, likes different techniques and makes different types of work (wall panels, vases, tiles, small series of tableware).
Her work is painted, incised, inlaid with porcelain and decorated with coloured engobes.
The painted shapes are simple: circles, dots and lines. She loves the decoration and the finishing.
When designing her sculptures, she is also inspired by the undulations of textiles.
The most important thing in my work is and remains the combination of three-dimensional objects with painting and graphic art.

She says “There are two hearts in my body : one wants to be a painter, the other is a ceramist. I have found a way to be both."


Petra creates architectural sculptures, vases with flattened semicircular shapes.
Looking at the couples, both figures are always in mutual harmony and evoke movement due to the distance or closeness.
Her art work’s characteristic is shown in the editing with symmetrically fitted curves, lines, points and also in the surface colouring.
Petra combines clay types and engobes. She often colorizes the notches and lines with porcelain clay. The edges are glazed.

The work is often a combination of turning and hand-building.
The vases and bottles are turned on the disc and then she distorts the top in particular by hand.
She uses no rules, turning, building up, using porcelain or stoneware or a combination of both.

Above all, she seeks to keep her creative mind fresh.
For her, the work is not a matter of technique, but a way of expressing herself.


Works of the artist