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Petra Bittl

Petra Bittl

Curriculum Vitae

German nationality, living in Bonn.

Obtained several master’s degrees in art sciences.

Is a teacher at the State College for Ceramic Design (Hoehr-Grenzhausen) and has her own workshop in Bonn since 2003.

Takes part in exhibitions in Germany, Latvia, United Kingdom, Spain, U.S.A., Australia, Taiwan and China.
Achieved important awards at international competitions.
Has her first exhibition in Belgium at Adrienne D.


Is interested in all types of clay, from porcelain to stoneware clay.

Is fascinated by their colours and characteristics and likes to make combinations.
Her most recent pieces in porcelain clay are draped just like textile. They show the softly sloping shapes of the tissue.


Petra creates architectural sculptures, vases with flattened semicircular shapes.

Looking at the couples, both figures are always in mutual harmony and evoke movement due to the distance or closeness.

Her art work’s characteristic is shown in the editing with symmetrically fitted curves, lines, points and also in the surface colouring.

Petra combines clay types and engobes. She often colorizes the notches and lines with porcelain clay. The edges are glazed.

Works of the artist