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Seung-Ho Yang

Seung-Ho Yang

Curriculum Vitae

Born in South Korea in 1955.

Has been practising ceramic arts since 1974.

Followed courses in Korea, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Director of the Naori Eco-Art Centre both in France and Korea.

Has been living and working in France only for 6 weeks/year (since 1983) and then moves on to Switzerland and Korea.
More than 70 solo exhibitions and participations in over 200 collective exhibitions.
Won several prizes in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand. Internationally renowned in the ceramic world.


The potter Seung-Ho Yang is fascinated by nature and more specifically by wood and tree structures of which he imitates the surface of cracked bark.

Clay and tree structures are no enemies, but live together in symbiosis.
For more than 30 years, he has been taking his 500 year old Juniperus Sabina (bonsai) with him on his international travels. He also grows bonsai trees for which he makes pots tailored to the tree.


Built tongkama wood ovens in his workshops in France, Korea and Switzerland.

In his oven, more than 500 pieces are baked during more than a week with artists burning 17 cubic metres of wood in a turn role.

He finally becomes his clay structures by turning and building up the pieces, thereby letting the cracked clay structure come to surface thanks to a special technique.

Works of the artist